Exploring Jordan


With every passing day I discover more and more how much I have to catch up on internal tourism! I mean, I know Jordan has a lot to offer in terms of touristic destinations, captivating nature and out-of-this-world historical sites that can take you to another time and place, but today as I went through some brochures I picked up at Wild Jordan, I realized that I don’t even know half of it!

From wild life reserves to adventurous trails and great spots to kick back and relax both physically and mentally, I seriously don’t know where or when to start! Better still, there are different agencies that organize trips to all of these locations and it’s quite affordable. Check this out for example

We have a really beuatiful country that can offer you a haven from all the complexities of life.  A room to breathe if you will. It’s a pity that we can travel to the farthest spots in the world and not see what’s just around the corner. That’s next on my list, hopefully not to be procrastinated for long!


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