Charter for Compassion

It probably has happened to all of us: that random act of kindness by someone, better yet, by someone who’s a total stranger. We might have done it to others numerous times, consciously or unconsciously, be it with a smile, a kind word, a considerate act or any other thing that showed another person, even if you don’t know their names, that you see the humanity in them, void of any differences, and you showed them the humanity in you through that simple act of compassion.

And what better topic to start Ramadan with than this, compassion. And what better time to talk about compassion than Ramadan,especially with people blaming their bad moods and temper tantrums on fasting and on Ramadan while it’s in deed the time to be solemn and a chance to exercise your compassion wit the world.

In this spirit, Charter for Compassion was launched: a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national difference. Supported by leading thinkers from many traditions, the Charter calls on us all to activate the Golden Rule around the world.

You can read and affirm it HERE. It’s also been translated to Arabic as the initiative is being launched in Jordan. You can also check out the website, the Facebook page, the twitter account. You can all play a role in this, will tell you more about it soon in sha’a Allah so stay tuned!

You can also watch this introductory video filmed by Deema Amr


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