Single Not-Very-White Female

If you’re a single woman over the age of 25 in the Middle East, more specifically in Jordan, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about here; for there’s a bunch of common things that bring us all together, among of them the following:

1- There’s always people wondering, or sometimes questioning, either with pity or curiously: Why aren’t you married until now? Like you’re missing an arm or a leg. And then there are two teams: Team “you’re not getting any younger” and Team “You’re still young”. Although you’re not even showing the slightest sign of being worried about the issue.

2- There’s always someone, mostly a female relative or friend, in most cases it’s either the mother or a sister who’s trying to convince you of potential suitors. “This one is a doctor… that one studied in Harvard… this one is so cool, he plays the guitar”

3-  If you’re an independent working lady, sometimes people might forget or choose to ignore the fact that you’re a female.

4-  At some point of your life, you might get THE phone call, if you haven’t already gotten it, and that is: a pregnant friend of yours telling you that if she died while giving birth then she wants you to marry her husband. Well, sure, because the reason I’m not married is waiting for you to die so I can resume your life, since apparently I don’t have one.

5-  You  start getting weird vibes from your mother when you mention that you’re going to attend a friend’s wedding, and soon enough you start worrying how to avoid telling her about those weddings.

6-  When you’re on a diet or something, people could think that you’re going to get engaged soon.

7-  When you speak about a male colleague or friend, some people’s eyes glitter as though they think there’s something going on, and the best part is when you mention “his wife” or something about him being from a different faith. Bummer.

8-  You might be expected by some people to attend certain weddings or similar events just to prove that you’re not being jealous. That if you could care less of course.

Shu Kaman?

13 responses

  1. So true! I have experienced most of these while living in Jordan and even when I’m not in Jordan by family from’s never ending.

    My favorite is #7! Every guy is a potential..:)

  2. True! this is start at the age of 22 in saudi arabia ..
    to be 19-year-old saudi girl is a very, very exhausting thing.

    my advice to you do not in whatever situation marry a saudi guy!

    Good luck

  3. Ola, I know pregnant women get hormone weird. But this is a new level of weird – at least to my American perspective. I just cried a lot when I was pregnant.

  4. Been there…for the most part, not all happened to me though. But one thing I always felt when meeting people. It was like there was a question in the back of their heads that they wanted to ask me. Why aren’t you married yet?

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