It couldn’t get any simpler than this: do something good, win something good, too.

I have told you about the Charter for Compassion in a previous post. Now CFC is launching a contest: Post an act of kindness that you did to someone or someone did to you, and win. But of course you won’t be winning a car or a blender, the prizes are a bit less traditional. At the end of the Holy month of Ramadan 5 winners will get a prize each. The first: a one year scholarship to an outstanding student in need in the winner’s name. The second prize will be a one year health insurance for a family in need also in the winner’s name. The third is full payment of heating bill for a family in need during the coming winter. The forth prize will be 3 different skilled labor courses for people in need. The fifth and final one is entertainment and interactive nights for the elderly throughout a full year. All prizes will be given to individuals or families in the winners names’.

The acts could range from the everyday small acts such as helping your neighbor with grocery bags to something as big as volunteering with a group of people to renovate an orphanage.

Some might argue that talking about kind acts like that may fall under the category of bragging and boasting, but it’s anything but that. This competition is about promoting a culture of compassion and tolerance among people, something we need now more than ever.

Give it a try, visit the competition’s page on facebook


2 responses

  1. I think it’s a bit unfair, why should a person do something, and then have all that credit go to someone else. I think that the person should get the prize money, and have the choice whether or not they wish to give that money to charity or not.

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