The Man Who Killed the Cricket – 3

He ran out to the garage as if he was being chased by a herd of hungry wild dogs. He hopped into his car, only to find the steering wheel on the other side. He was too perplexed already to give it a thought so he let it slip. He started the engine, and it revved with a roar of a hundred lions.

After driving for half an hour, he realized that he had no destination and that he was roaming the streets aimlessly. Everything was on the wrong side, he felt like his world had been sucked into by one big mirror, and he warmed up to the idea.

There were no people on the streets, and it hit him as odd. He was starting to grow weary, for he’s always had that crazy idea that one day he would wake up to find out that humanity migrated to another planet and left him behind, and now the idea seemed more plausible than ever.

Just before he was getting ready to break into a fit of screaming, a woman showed up on the sidewalk. She looked like a woman who’s been around for a long time, and had paid a heavy toll. He pulled over and scrambled out of the car. He thought if he asked her she might be able to help him make sense of his surroundings. He ran up to her but before her could open his mouth to say a word he looked into her eyes and saw something he has never seen before, or even imagined he’d ever see…

To be continued…

2 responses

  1. He saw himself? 🙂

    I`m -as any reader I guess- starting to form scenarios of what`s going on,, what will happen but I don`t want to… lol

    Awaiting the continuation e7na 🙂

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