The Man Who Killed the Cricket – 4

He rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was true, and not only the product of what seems to be a very confused mind. He wasn’t a man who looked into people’s eyes but he knew by default and with however little common sense he had that when you look into someone’s eyes you see your reflection,  you don’t see people running around, babies being born, a war in motion. You don’t see any of that. You don’t see a life.

Something told him what he saw was the life of that woman being replayed for him in the blue of her iris. He didn’t know the names, the dates or any details, he just saw everything. He took a step back and as he tried to open his mouth to speak he felt a powerful force pulling him forward, a force he couldn’t resist. He started to get smaller and smaller, and all of a sudden he was sucked inside the blue eyes of that stranger, and into the story of her life.

What he saw there was like an uncut footage of a movie. There was a small girl running around with a kite, a teenager sobbing silently in her room and in the far corner sat a woman in her thirties in front of a mirror, brushing her hair.

He walked up to her, and before he could see her face she turned around with a sudden motion. He recognized the blue eyes, but the smile was new to him, although he wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that age would take such a heavy toll on this woman, who was hands down the prettiest thing he’s ever seen in his pathetic life.

“Your late” She said bluntly

“You were waiting for me?” He replied hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure she was talking to him

“All my life.”

“But… why?” It made less sense than everything he’d seen on the way to her

She gave him a look of confusion, as if he should know. “Because I love you” she said with a cracking voice, as if she had a lump in her throat.

“What?” He was lost now

“What… do you find it strange that I love you?”

“No, I find it strange that anyone loves me at all”

She laughed a silent laugh with her hand over her mouth. She reached and tried to touch his hair, but she couldn’t. Her hand was going through his face like it was but a shadow. She raised her hand in front of her face and contemplated it with a horrified expression. She looked at him with teary, terrified eyes and, then, she turned into dust…


To be continued

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2 responses

  1. : goosebumps: ! 😀

    u took us into a journey in this one ya 3ola,,
    really nice.

    will she answer his questions , will she paint a picture of him as a child, teenager, grown man and lead it to how she loved him, and why?


    let`s see …

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