One Day…

One day, I will get rid of my worst habit

One day, I will pet a giraffe

One day, I will own a horse

One day, I will know

One day, I will take that dress to the dry-cleaner’s

One day, I will fix the AC in the car

One day, I will go through all my favorite tweets on Twitter

One day, I will get a good DSLR camera

One day, I will get a smart phone

One day, I’ll travel first class

One day, I’ll learn how to cook

One day, I’ll spell “neighbors” correctly without auto spell check

One day, I’ll finally visit Petra

One day, I’ll manage to finish a full book by Edward Said without feeling mentally exhausted by how sophisticated the book is

One day, I’ll watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy without falling a sleep half-way through the first part

One day, I will publish a book

One day, I will be no longer a subtitlor

One day, I will watch all the DVDs on my nightstand

One day, I will catch up on my Spanish

One day, I will be pleasantly surprised

One day, in sha’a Allah, one day!

4 responses

  1. Edward Said needs “preperationS”! 🙂

    who needs cooking!

    u REALLY should publish more than 1 book, really
    smart phone, me too 😛
    lord of the rings = saw < than 20 minutes altogether 😛
    horse,,, = mashy ,,, AMMA ZARAFEH = TA55ANTEEHA! :p

    1st class = more space for legs! The rest is "bananas" 🙂 [who`s bragging!] 😀
    no petra for me too! (our loyality is under question? :P)

    إن شاء الله يا علا
    و الله بتستاهلي إنت 🙂 ، و الله
    كب ما ببالك هون و لقدام تحققيه و أكثر

    و يعطيك ربنا تا يدهشك! 🙂

  2. don’t fix your car ac , I think mine got me bit sick 😦
    what’s your worst habit? and what is it that you want to know one day? “making sure I poke the vague points 😉 “

  3. L.Z: If I wanted to share than info don’t you think I would have shared it?

    Haitham: haha thamk you 😀 7abbait el da3weh (ya36eeki la yedheshek)

    Mariam: that and Harry Potter… I guess my way too rational imagination refuses to buy into them

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