The Decision

He wanted to surprise her. He came holding a big collection of books, most of them he doesn’t recognize but he managed to make a mental note of them as she mentioned the names of books and authors here and there. But that wasn’t everything, he also told her that he brought himself a sleeping eye band, so that he can sleep while she’s reading, and she can read all she wants. She smiled, but inside she was torn by two considerations. She appreciated the gesture, the way he respected her interests, but that gave way again to that nagging voice in her head that she should run for her life.


2 responses

  1. نسوان بعجبهنش العجب ولا الصيام برجب

    مابعرف,, في شغله فينا إنه ما بنقدر نستمتع باللحظه او الهديه إزا كان في حقد أو ضيغنه أو حتى طوشه صغنطوطه صايره قبلها

    صباحك خير,, نايس ستوري يا بطه

  2. she wanted him to “want” to share the “books” with her,
    share is the operative word here, “I hope!” ,, u want to learn/do the things for yr significant other not because u have to, u want to gradually want to, for his/her sake, that`s enough reason/motive 🙂

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