The Five Stages of Writing

Contrary to how it may sometimes look, writing is really no picnic. I mean, it could be a picnic once you get started and just go with the flow of words and thoughts, but the road to that point could be quite bumpy. Sometimes it seems like a wild adventure, sometimes it’s like a war of attrition. In short, writing could be heavy, a weary business, but the thing is: it’s worth it, whether it pays off or not., because it always pays off in some way.

The way I see it, writing consists of several stages before, during and after.


1- Provocation: It’s that moment of anger, enthusiasm, excited curiosity or any other emotion that boils inside you wanting to erupt and pour out on paper. You can only guess where it will lead or how far it will go but you better seize that moment because it has a tendency to fade away with time and in that case the story will end before it even begins.

2- Hesitation: To write or not to write, that’s not even a question! But as with everything else the mind starts playing those dirty games where it find any excuse imaginable to hinder you and keep you from writing. “Nobody will read it”, “It will probably suck”, “I don’t have much to say about that” and so on of this nonsense, and that’s exactly what it is: pure nonsense. Just go ahead and write it, and if you don’t like it you know where to find the recycle bin.

3- Starting: That’s the hardest part of all: to actually start writing. It’s hard because you often feel like you don’t know how to start, hence comes the saying “it’s the start that usually stops most people”. This is where you need some tough love. Force yourself to sit down and write, you’ll be amazed how it unfolds.

4- Second guessing: This is where you start asking yourself questions like: “Did I get it right?”  “Is it worth reading?” “Is it plausible enough?” “Does it read good?” Some of these questions are valid because they help you improve on what you wrote, while some are nothing but a big nuisance, just ignore them.

5- Euphoria: The great feeling of almost inexplicable joy and liberation when you’re done. It could put you in a trance-like state or make you want to go and hug somebody. It also boosts your self-esteem and gives you a burst of exploding energy.


Happy writing!


8 responses

  1. And I must say (must NOT as a manner of speech here, must = MUST!) u excel at all 5 🙂 , jad ba7ky.

    maybe just maybe asking for a random 2nd/3rd opinion help too :), not necessarily show them the whole “epic” but pieces here and there just to get a feel 🙂

  2. Love this! Ola, but I guess you never have procrastination issues? Decided to clean closets just when that word-rush is about to peak?

    (will be a best of JO blogs this week, this post will :D)

  3. I guess “free” writing could be a start – i know it worked for me – just write down whatever comes to your mind … don’t read what you just wrote and don’t edit … just go with it … do it several times … this may unleash the writer in you … thanks Ola

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