To Khader Adnan on his 63rd day of strike

As I’m writing these words, I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed I’m so helpless,  because anything I write or do will shrink and pale in comparison to what you have to deal with day in and day out. I’m ashamed that this is what I can do for you while you’re facing death for your freedom, for our collective freedom, for with that you’re giving out a loud and clear message: Freedom is more precious than life, so think again before you count yourself one of the living or the free.

And I know you don’t care whether you’ll live or die, because you know you will live on either way, and perhaps revive some hearts in the process. But I can’t stop wondering, how can any human being put up with what you’re putting up with? Is this what willpower is? I thought I knew but turns out I didn’t. This must be someone who believes in higher values, values that transcend life and death, someone with unshakeable faith in God and in that this life is but a journey to prove that we’re worthy of the real life, and that this life has no merit at all as to sacrifice our freedom and dignity for it.

You had nothing to lose so you decided to give up your one of your basic rights as a human being for a nobler and less observed right. With your empty stomach, you did what thousands couldn’t do with their money, influence, freedom or at least what looks like it and of course stuffed stomachs.

You gave us a reason to rethink what humanity, dignity, freedom really mean.

You’re a hero the like of which are not born every day.

And all we can offer you are our thoughts and prayers.

Live free, die well.



One response

  1. Sometimes the act is so huge, that every effort after is useless and small, yet important…
    maybe translating a piece of news would help in a way you don’t imagine, a protest, a tweet or a post…

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