Subtitling… Again

A while ago I wrote this

Still, people’s first reaction when I tell them what I do is usually: Nice, you get to see all the new movies!

And then I have to tell them that it’s cool, it’s relatively easy but still it’s not all fun and games. That’s one reason I made this…



3 responses

  1. I went through your previous blog, the one which you have linked to on this. Pretty interesting I would say. I worked as a subtitler myself and I can understand how it would feel. Also, completely agree with the pic that you have uploaded. Feels like you read my mind 🙂

  2. I sometimes feel that the most frustrating aspect of working in this field is not being able to watch subtitled-TV.
    Ever since I started to work in subtitling I’ve been paying more attention to subtitles on TV and wondering how my supposed colleagues get away with such horrifying work.

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