3 Short Stories

Originally posted on Project Pen

The Scientist

He did his calculations and then did them again. The math was meticulous. He made sure the equipment he used were carefully measured and tested the apparatus several times before the grand experiment. He dealt with them with extreme delicacy as to have no disturbance whatsoever that could tamper with the accuracy of his findings.
Then it happened. When he finished his calculations he was wrote down with all the pride in the world:
“October 7th, 1697: Today I found out the weight of the earth… But I won’t tell anyone.”

Two Skulls

They ran frantically through the woods. She clutched his hand tightly for fear he would trip and fall down and she would not be able to save him. Suddenly, they found themselves in the bottom of a deep, dark pit.
“I’m afraid, mother.” The boy told his mom. “Everything will be all right, dear” she said softly, and then she gave him a warm hug.
A while later, a 9 year-old would trip over a weird looking rock. He would take it to his father who would examine and decide that it belongs to a boy around the same age the kid who found it. They would go back and find another skull for a 33 year-old woman. Questions would rise: Who are they? What brought them there? And everyone in the world would be speaking about the two forgotten fugitives, who became a worldwide sensation, 3 thousand years later.

The Actress

Today is the day, finally we’re going to start filming. It’s not my first role but I’m particularly excited because it’s quite different this time. I’m playing the role of a struggling actress. It’s funny, no? An actress playing an actress. Too much acting. But then, I don’t think it should take too much effort, for I’ve been doing that all my life. You see, if you think of it, I’ve always been an actress. You see, when you try to live up to everyone’s expectations you might have to put on an act too. People often ask me how it feels when I pretend to act that I’m in someone else’s shoes. I often reply with a smile, because I know that to people it’s pretense, they think I become someone else. But for me it’s to break free, it’s to let someone else become me. It is indeed to be myself.


6 responses

  1. Trying to figure out the connecting formula [if any] 🙂 and failing.

    Liked # 2 the most.

    An actress playing the actress .. <— ain`t we all that person!

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