Meet Pen


When John first ran the idea of Pen by us, I couldn’t fully grasp what he was trying to achieve there, yet he was so passionate about it that I knew there must be something more to it, and as I listened on I started to get really impressed realizing that he had some big plans for that platform which is built around a very simple concept: telling stories

Who doesn’t have a good story to tell? You know, things you think about when you’re walking down the road, when you first open your eyes in the morning, ideas we think are stupid and not worth sharing, funny encounters, embarrassing situations, run-ins with strangers that make us discover new things about ourselves and about life.

Pen is a place for all that; it’s a place for all of us. It’s a place for untold stories to be told. It doesn’t matter if you tell it in two lines or in a thousand words, if it’s in Arabic or in English, if it’s about a supreme universal value or just about a grasshopper you spotted in the garden. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your real name or writing under a name like “The Clumsy Squirrel”. In short, Pen is a place to shed the light on a new generation of writers, specifically in the Arab world, and much more than that.

So, if you have a story to tell do share it with us, and don’t just say that people won’t be interested in hearing about your deep thoughts and personal endeavors; we’re people, we like to know how other people think and the things they experience.

Who knows? You might even win a brand new Kindle Fire. Yes, we’re giving that away to the best story submitted to Project Pen by June 1st.

I’m not going to say free your pen, which is Pen’s motto, as your pen might already be free, I’m just going to say: give it a whirl, let it run wild, you’d be surprised what it might have to say.




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  1. I am writing a summary of my life, I have it titled as the ” no man land ” should I be participating in the project

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