Welcome to the Duke’s Diwan

“It’s like entering a time machine” That’s the best thing I could say to describe how it feels tobe in the Duke’s Diwan, much more for the first time. It makes me regret passing by that place all those times without checking it out, or sometimes not even noticing it was there.

Being the oldest building in Amman, turned now into a cultural attraction, the Dukes Diwan takes you on a journey to a time you’ve never live, but have always longed to, or at least that’s what you may discover as you move from one room to another, touching the old walls and wooden windows that reek with a certain aroma that is s antique yet so familiar, so alive.

It helps to that the curator is the nicest man ever, probably almost as old as the building  itself and has a contagious passion towards it and towards the old days

Oh and there’s also an open book fair there those days, you might want to check that out.

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