Before you read this post, assuming you will, you need to know the factors that lead to its coming to life. Actually it’s nothing big, no epiphanies or great moments of inspiration, but sort of being in an anti-reality mood, you know with everything going around and the parliament elections not falling short of expectations of being a total farce, in addition to the fact that I happened to have some time on my hands. I finished my work for the day, watched a movie, had some family chats and with very interesting books lying on my nightstand and not being able to decide with which to start I thought I should probably sleep on it. The thing I don’t really feel sleepy, I can elaborate on the reasons but there’s no point so, the point is that I felt like writing something trivial which nobody needs to read.

You see, I don’t know if I can classify myself as an open-minded person because I’m not sure what that word means anymore. It’s relative I guess, but I’d say I’m pretty much open minded, again, no point in elaborating on that. Yet, there are still things in life that I can’t wrap my mind about and that make me want to scream at people: What on earth are you thinking? Although I’m fully aware that to each his own and that there’s always a reason. So, please if you fall into any of the following categories, please don’t take it personal.


1-  People who sleep with a night light: Seriously, have mercy on your poor optic nerves and your jaded, just tired brain cells at the end of the day. I must admit I used to do that when I was younger but now that I’m a grown up adult it’s almost as if I’m creating an MRI environment, visually at least.

2- People who eat fries without ketchup: Okay, I realize it’s very common but, please! When I was a kid I used to dream of rivers of ketchup with giant fries swimming in them. That was a beautiful image.

3- People who don’t like poetry: No offense, this a serious question, but what kind of a person should you be not to like poetry? Especially Arabic poetry, because with all due respect to non-Arabic speakers but if you think these English poems are poetry then think again, you have no idea what you’re missing. And yes as a tri-lingual I know what I’m talking about.

4- Girls with pictures of random girls as the profile pictures: even if it’s a celebrity’s picture, it’s not you, and it’s weird and pathetic, lay it off, use a picture of a rose or something it’s still better than that.

5- The die-hard Apple/android fan controversy: I understand that the CEO’s of Apple and Samsung might lock horns and even hate each other but for someone who’s a mere user who’s just tech savvy and up-to-date with all the new application, for that person to be biased towards one side as if it was their own company, wake up.

6- ennas elli byoktobo faqarat 6aweeleh 3areeda haik, la hoo 3arabi la hoo engleezi, ya akhi bte3raf toktob 3arabi oktob 3arabi bi a7rof 3arabi aw oktob engleezi w khalas. Ayyam el high school inno elli byokto msgs bel3arabi mish cool ra7at khalas.

7- People who subscribe to the gym and never go: I understand that you might get bored after a while but to go one time and then not go at all? Well, you have to be a very busy person, and even that isn’t always a good excuse.

8- People who talk on the phone for hours: This is something I literally don’t get, what do you have to talk about for 3 hours and how can you keep up?

9- People who hate certain months for no particular reason: “March I hate you”, “October I despise you” when will you understand that they are all days after days after days? Even if something bad happened in, say, August 1990, that was another day, in another month. Doesn’t mean you need to hate August all together.


Well, I feel sleepy now, I guess this post wasn’t a total waste of time after all…

8 responses

  1. stochastic thoughts before bedtime, from texting to food, to gravatar to technology to poetry to corporate competition. Glial cells are working hard to catch up Ola, easy on the poor thing.

  2. Farce? I heard it was a bomb! 😛 heheee
    يحيى سعود won
    (won what, we`ll never know 4 sure!)
    1- Some ppl have issues with (the) dark, get over it 😀
    2- I eat neither now, but my daughter will -for sure- love u for this (she adores kathtab) 😛
    3- with all due respect = I knew I shouldn`t have continued reading that one 😛 – أنا نثريّ الهوى و الهوية
    and that is NOT poetry, ok! Lol,
    to be very honest, I -personally- struggle(d) with Arabic poetry, it turns me off! (ok, I`ve said it *phew*) – من المعلقات إلى أبو العتاهية
    أدونيس و عمو نزار
    Wallahy I tried :), Didn`t work with this lost soul of mine

    I agree though that poetry in English is (…) 😛 – try Scottish poems and u shall be fabled and in ow!
    القافية و الوزن لا يختصان بالشعر العربي و ألقه بالمناسبة
    أنا لا أتقن اللغة الإيطالية و لكن دومًا أسمع أن شعرهم جادة تانيه
    اللغة الشيشانية كانت تنتقل عبر القصائد بشكل أساسي و يتداولها شعوب المنطقة من غير القوقازيين لجزالتها
    yeah yeah .. 😀

    4- Please don`t deprive us from such inspiration, let them be
    5- لما أبطل من ذوات الهواتف اللا ذكية يمكن أفهم عاي أكثر – maybe they have stock options?
    6- la ta3lee4 😛
    7- never subscribed! رحم الله امر
    8- و ما أدراك ما الحب / حب شعور الحب / أو الفراغ who said synonyms?
    9- إيش بينك و بين August 1990؟ اعترفي

    زمان عن مدونتك يا علا

    u made my crabby crappy day

    • I’ve been meaning to answer your question for ages but I got busy and forgot, but now Khaled reminded me about it so I have to answer it before I forget again, and the answer issssss:

      I wasn’t even 6 years old in August 1990, and I can hardly remember anything about that specific month of my life 😀 so, yes, it was just an example specifically used to avoid using other examples of months and years where something actually happened that I don’t want to talk about :p

  3. Seriously!! 🙂
    1- I like my light on :p
    2- Long live ketchup
    3- من اكبر مصائبنا اننا رائعون في الكلام لدرجة ان افعالنا هزيلة امام اقوالنا. حتى معجزة امتنا الاهم مصنوعة من الكلام (القرآن). بحب الشعر بكل اللغات بس العربي اكيد اقوى شعر
    4- why not their own pictures?
    5- Long live apple 😉
    6- سحقا لهم
    7- They don’t know what they are missing
    8- majaneen
    9- kindly answer Sheeshany’s question 🙂

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