A Good Day

I’ve learned some lessons today. First, don’t take your plans for granted because no matter how meticulously you plan your day something could happen and shatter all your plans. Like today for example, I’ve planned a pleasant and productive day, but those plans were cut short by the fact that I had a car accident, the first real car accident, you know not like backing into a car, nope. It was the kind of accident that left me shaking and in tears, sitting on the sidewalk waiting for my brother to show up as I knew I had to call someone, actually I then went ahead and called my father too when they started talking about a tow truck. A tow truck? I have no idea how I’d previously thought that this is something I can deal with on my own. So, I learned that I’m mushier than I thought, turns out I can’t handle these things alone or, maybe I can but I don’t think that I’d like it, and it probably wouldn’t be very efficient. I mean, to go to a police station alone? Oh my God! Not only that police stations aren’t very friendly spaces, but I also couldn’t wrap my mind around most of the things the officer explained about the insurance and bla bla bla, my mind was still not back to its normal fnction.  Or to have to deal with the insurance company? Spare me. Or to just deal with the whole situation,  I mean I could hardly bring myself to talk to the people involved in the accident. Actually I’d hit a car and the car hit another car and I didn’t have a clue whether it would be ruled as my fault or not as all I remember was that car appearing in front of me all of a sudden, I didn’t realize there was a cross-roads altogether, there weren’t any signs or any bump-ups, nothing, it was a narrow road and it seemed like the cross-roads was hidden in the bushes. And then another thought hit me, which is kind of funny to think about in the heat of the situation, which was that I’d promised to take my nieces to the mall, now how I was going to do that? And then there were those moments where I wished I could go back in time a few minutes just so I can avoid this whole mess. Anyhow, thank God it was ruled as the other driver’s fault and nobody was hurt. Actually I’ve been blessed before for surviving many close calls, each of which could’ve become a tragic accident but God in His infinite wisdom got me out of those safe and sound, so I think it’s a blessing that the one that actually materialized into an actual accident was one where I could walk out scott-free. There’s a silver lining in every cloud and when something bad happens it puts things into perspective to reflect on the worse things that could’ve happened or the good things that actually happened and still happen.


But it was actually a good day, especially for my book Qab Al-Safar, 3 new updates in one day:

1- Now there are new copies available in Abdel Hameed Shoman Public Library. Actually I was coming from there when the accident happened!

2- Turns out Qabl Al-Safar is among the best-selling books on Jamalon in the last year. Check this out:


3- Now Qabl Al-Safar is available for browsing and reading online on Noon Books, you can check it out here


Good day indeed!


3 responses

  1. الحمد لله على سلامتك يا علا.

    و الله منيح إنك متذكرة هالتفاصيل + ربطتيها بالنهاية بشيء متصل و إيجابي.
    صعب جدًا الواحد يكون (مستعد) لهيك مواقف حتى لو لم تك أول مرة.
    قبل السفر = لا استغراب بصراحة 🙂
    الحمد لله على السلامة مرة ثانية و منيح ما حدا صارلو شي، الحمد لله

  2. الف حمد لله ىعلي السلامة وان شا الله ما تشوفي شر
    السواقة في هذه البلدان غريبه انا مرات بتجيني نوبه فزع لمن اكون سايقة بالليل ومش شايفه ولا شي واكون عارفه انه الشارع فيه مطبات ولا حفر
    مبروك علي الكتاب
    كوني بخير

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