My Best Friend’s Wedding

I always say I am a lousy friend. Thankfully this, I’m so blessed to have some of the most beautiful people in the world as friends, and blessed yet more that I can easily name 4 or 5 people as best friends, those who put up with my apathy and schizophrenia over the years, and those who I can go for weeks without calling or seeing them, with everyone being busy with their own lives and the different paths we chose, yet when I see them it’s like we’ve had dinner together the night before, nothing has changed.

In the course of my life I’ve married off some of my best friends, most of them actually, and each time there would be these mixed feelings, you know, joy and disbelief at how much we’ve grown up and how far we’ve come. You know, I’d be happy, very happy – despite my reservations sometimes but let’s not get into that, I’ve learned to be supportive- but tonight, it’s different. You see, tonight I feel like it’s my little sister who’s getting married, a sister I;ve met only seven years ago and now she’s all grown up and ready to tie the knot. This is what I realized two days ago when I was at her pre-wedding party, the kind of parties I tend to avoid but this time I really wanted to be there, and it all made sense when I looked at her and had that moment of pure, utter joy, and I then realized how much this person means to me and how happy it makes me to see her happy.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of weddings but I’m actually looking forward to this one. My best friend’s wedding, now I realize the movie under that name didn’t make it justice, it shouldn’t be about a girl going to the wedding of her best male friend bent on ruining it because she’s in love with him, that’s sick. A best friend’s wedding is one of the most emotional celebrations you can attend. I don’t remember being so excited about a wedding, not even my sister’s. I have to admit I’m also eager to try on these new shoes I bought yesterday, I know they’re going to kill me and but it’s okay, I can handle high heels for a couple of hours. At least I figured out one part of the problem: I used to wear 38 size heels, which were half to one size too big for my feet, hence it was a struggle to walk in them. Now I bought 37 size one, still not comfortable but at least I won’t look like I’m trying too hard.

So, Sarah, I wish you all the happiness your heart can take. W 3o2bal 3end your best friends everyone!

5 responses

  1. Congratulations. Marrying off best friends is hard. I missed 2 – 3 weddings of the sort (no shoe issues related :P) and I wish I can turn back time to be in that special occasion(s), for their sake as well mine!

    I still have 1 last shot with a final bestY so, awaiting 🙂

    This might be a long shot but is it Sarah Mqannasa`s wedding?

  2. MABROOK for your fiend..i can relate easily to this blog ( as the case is with most of your blogs) we’re 5 best friends since school and the first one got married last was overwhelming and i really felt like its my little sister’s wedding.

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