A dose of Excitement

I just love it when exciting things happen unexpectedly, totally out of the blue, or kind of.

The first exciting encounter I had was 2 days ago. I was at my cousin’s place and she told me that her husband’s uncle, who passed away 3 years ago and who was an avid reader/writer/translator, had left a large number of books and his wife wants to give them away, she doesn’t want them to just sit there stagnant, not if someone can read them and make use of them. So she said I could go down to the basement, where the books were and pick whatever I wanted. Can you imagine going into a place with things you like and being told to pick whatever you want and take it away with you? A child in a candy shop! Yes it’s exciting, but I hadn’t realized how exciting it was until I actually was in the middle of that treasure vault.

I can think of several ways to express this but let’s just say this: mounds and mounds of books stacked on shelves and inside cabinets, books of all genres, history, politics, literature, Arabic, English, old, new… I’m telling you, less than half an hour there and I felt like I was losing my mind, of course I could’ve spent more time if I was willing to be a little bit more rude and selfish as my cousin was freezing so I had to cut it short, leaving with around 10 books only but I told the lady of the house that I know people who can make good use of them and can take the whole quantity, those are none-other than the guys at Inkitab of course.

The highlight of it all was when I picked a poetry book by Mourid Barghouti and as I opened it I found a dedication to the late owner of this library, Salah huzayyen, calling him his dear friend. So I was standing there in the legacy of a man I’ve never met, with a part of him still hiding between the pages of these books. Now if that’s not emotional I don’t know what is.

So, I took the books home and I realized I have no way to put them, and I started thinking that I really need a new room, which leads me to the other exciting thing which took place less than 24 hours later. We’re moving! Yes, suddenly we found a new house and we’re moving by the end of this week in sha’a Allah. And it’s quite exciting for me because I’ve been living in the same house for the past 25 years. Now we have to pack our things and go through them to decide what to take and what to leave, it’s like a personal inventory. Although we’re moving within the same area, actually the new house is 2 blocks away, but I still think it’s going to be a hopefully good change as the new house is much different and bigger than our current house, and I’m actually happy that we’re staying in the same area because I really like it, it’s quiet and cozy and we know the people here.

So that’s pretty much it, it’s an interesting time, hope everything goes well


7 responses

  1. Would u blv that last night I had a thought of writing u saying/stating/objecting (maybe!) that it has been a while u haven`t blogged! No, u won`t? Okay 🙂
    A treasure trip indeed! I guess ONLY 10 books was a hard choice to handle 🙂
    I admire such a person who gives away things so others would benefit, even if it was only a possibility. (I`m not such a person at all! I keep stacking stuff)

    الله يرحمه و يجعل الكتب صدقة له و عنه

    I liked how u portrayed the dedication as a transition (phase) between 2 times, sort of..
    and u were in a way part of that!

    Not fond of poetry though but Mourid is ,, well Mourid!
    Hmmmm, how about u hyperlink (inkitab) juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust in case some1 reads this and never heard of them (just a thought) , cause we r lazy species and 1 might not look`em up.

  2. I have a few things to say:
    1- congratulations on the new house and may it be a great new place for you and your family
    2- I am jealous of the chance you got to dig into the pile of treasure 🙂 glad you had fun.
    3- I saw the tweet with Mourid’s dedication to Salah and wondered what it was about since it did not have your name in it now I know 🙂

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