On Being a Writer

I used to be hesitant when referring to myself as a writer because, let’s face it, from what we see around people are giving themselves that honor if they as much as created a page on facebook where they post personal reflections. People, this is horrible, just unimaginable, and I can’t for the life let myself fall under that category.

To call yourself a writer, it’s not enough to write one book and then sit back and relax, watching people praise your book and your language (don’t believe everything they say by the way, be critical). To be a writer you need continuity. You know you’re  a writer when you step out on a nice night and you think this could be a great setting for  a scene, some scene, in some vague book you’re planning to write, or not. Or when you start dealing with people as characters. You see, this could be both good and bad. You become sensitive to the small things, that’s why if you’re emotionally involved with a writer, then God help you, they will manipulate you trying to shape your role in your life and to squeeze all the drama they can get out of you, which could be quite exciting by the way, because your life will turn into one of these TV drama series where there’s always something going on. Now it could be a fun series, it could be a comedy or it could be  a tragedy, that depends on the author.

So, it’s really not that simple to earn the title of a writer, it has to be in your blood. You also know you’re a writer when being busy with a writing project will indulge you completely that nothing else in the life outside matters. You don’t want to meet people, you don’t want to go to parties, you just need to stay home, cuddle up with a laptop and type the heck out of yourself. And it’s not that easy, it could feel like a burden, like you’re going to slice into your veins and let yourself bleed out, as someone once eloquently put it. But if you’re a writer you will know that this is one of the most rewarding things in the word.

But please, don’t go around telling people you’re a writer just because you wrote something like: The roses in my eyes yearn for the pickles in your nose. I beg you. It’s more of a brotherly advice actually, because if you start calling yourself a writer too soon people might be disappointed in you very early and would not risk wasting their time reading anything by you when you become a real writer.

So take it easy on the titles. A writer never stops growing, and you would be surprise how much you would learn and how much your style and your language could change over time that you would not bear to read the things you wrote when you first thought you were a writer.

3 responses

  1. “..earn the title of a writer”
    I -strongly- agree on the word (earn) but -for more reasons than one- not so much on (title), I`m speaking out of context, I realize that, but still (titling) it just ain`t correct -to me- 🙂

    * May I say welcome back, this little piece of E-environment is -too- writing 🙂 [we know u know that, just need these small excerpts to be more frequent] #greedy 🙂

  2. I agree. Regardless of all else (including talent, quite frankly), you’re only a writer if you are writing. An author is published and a professional writer is paid for the words they compose, but neither one is a “writer” if they stop writing.

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