Writing Prompt 1


Protagonist: 12 year-old girl.

Antagonist (the narrator here): He jealous 12 year-old friend.

Look at this obnoxious little dungeon. Can anyone be so pretentious and so cheesy all at the same time? This girl should get a medal, no one has ever tried this hard. I mean, really, what point is she trying to make with all these stacks of books? Nobody would believe Barbie girl would read all this, not even half of it, not even any of it. Boy, is she sick! I understand trying to deceive other people but trying to convince herself she’s more than a stupid bimbo? And the pink wall, would you give me a break! Of course they are pink, as if the sheet with Disney princesses is not girly enough, her glorious role models. Even the table lamp is pink, damn it! I think I’m gonna be sick. Pink sickness, it’s like a plague, cut it out already, we believe you’re a girl! But oh, a white desk with photo frames and all. Who’s that in the picture… Ah, of course, Daddy’s girl. Look at this, obviously she got her mother’s looks but not her brains. How could a brilliant mathematician and a Heart surgeon give birth to such an empty-headed attention seeker? I bet that’s why she leaves her curtains open day and night, it’s like shouting: “Oh, hey neighbors and passers-by, come look at see all the interesting things I’m doing in my room. Can you see me reading and dancing and talking on the phone? Am I cool or what? Where did all the paparazzi go?” Gross…


One response

  1. (Haters will hate.. what can one pinky girl do!) 😀 😀
    “dungeon” now that`s a word I haven`t read in a while!

    No easy-going on the 12 yrers! No no, never. They r the future and it`s for their own interest.

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