Google the Fortune Teller?

I was just playing with Google, because I have that kind of time you know, I’m technically in a relationship with Google, and one of the cool games to play is to type the initial words of a question and see what the most asked questions are. The results were quite interesting, ranging from sad to ridiculous.

For example, check out the questions starting with “Will he ever…” and “Will she ever…”



It’s either heartbreak season or this is a sad planet we live on. Say, did Google read your mind?

The “Will I ever…” one gives more power to the sad planet theory.


The others were a tad less predictable though. I mean I was hoping for “Will you ever grow up” or “Will you ever fix that lamp”? But the one I really didn’t see coming was the “will they ever…”. Apparently we’re not finding a cure for Aids because people think there are more urgent matters.



But you know, for me the most alarming thing of all is, why do we ask Google about these things?

Obviously Google will not be able to tell you if he or she will come back, and it certainly cannot predict the future to tell you if you will do anything. But obviously Google itself doesn’t have an answer for that, mostly because nobody has asked it yet.



2 responses

  1. As I read I was thinking (as if 3ammo google would give us the solution to such Qs or even guide our thorny paths toward a 1st step of figuring out one!) and u stated it neatly by (why do we ask aslan ..)

    I am starting an initiative (personal mind u) quest of being one of the answerers! 😀 – seems easier and -also- profitable.

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