The Lost Imaginary Friend

Tubby is missing.

He ran away in solidarity with another imaginary character to whom I did something really horrible. Of course the imaginary character is not imaginary but for Tubby it is, since he’s imaginary and we, real people, are imaginary to him.

Anyone who sees Tubby or his companion please tell them to check their Mail box and steer the ship back to the island.

Please advise Tubby to commit suicide because I’m thinking of creative ways to kill him. While the other not-so-imaginary friend, well, it’s time we did him justice and we owe him a big apology.

And please do not ask me why on earth I am writing this. Maybe I’m just trying to start a story because I feel like writing and I have no idea what to write about and Tubby isn’t helping.

My imagination hurts.

7 responses

  1. Maybe he did NOT run, just a walk, maybe! 🙂

    & on another note, God help whomever (runs) into Tubby.


    Dear Tubby, u r being missed, BUT if this means that Ola will break a threshold toward writing, stay a while, stay a while (but do hide well though)

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