das Leben ist kurz

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This is not a post about German language actually. I mean it’s funny how everyone is hounding it these days but to think of it, it seems like the Germans asked for it when they came up with this dialect-turned-language. Nothing against it, but I can’ for the life of me understand how they got the courage to write poetry and delicate literature with it. No wonder people committed suicide because of a Goethe’s Sorrows of Young Werther. I mean it’s bad enough the novel was tragic, this only adds to the tragedy of it.

Anyway, this isn’t about German nonetheless. Actually these posts got me thinking. “Life is too short” is one of the most used and abused phrases of this age. I mean just thinking that it’s almost 2014 when World Cup 2010 feels like yesterday, it makes perfect sense. A little scary actually.

And it makes me wonder about all the things we squeeze into our lives, the things that take up unnecessary space, while we push out the things that matter. I wonder if one day I’d look back at my life and regret not realizing how short it was to be afraid of anything. This all looks like a cliché but what I’m actually trying to do is this, quite literally:


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