What Happened in 2013

This is a personal post, if you’re looking for world events please refer to your nearest news website.

I know they year isn’t over yet, but I decided to do an early inventory.

So, if my life was a drama series, 2013 would be one season that ended with too many cliffhangers. Many issues I’m still waiting to resolve or maybe just convincing myself there’s still something to do about them and it’s not final yet.

Let’s hope these get cleared up in 2014.

I wish I could say I had a more productive year, but I’ve cocooned inside my bubble for a large part of it. I did visit a new place, visited Marrakech in April, met some new and interesting people there and had the chance to catch up with some friends and other interesting people I’ve met before. The day I traveled back to Jordan was the most exhausted I’ve felt in my life so far, that’s a record I’m not eager to break, but for some reason I remember it fondly.

I paid off my car loan! And I hope I will never need another loan of any kind.

Met some great new friends and deepened my relationships with others.

I changed, for once I swallowed my pride and went for something I wanted, regardless of the fact that I hit a brick wall, the point is that I did it. Now I’m not sure if I regret it or not, but it was a good leap nonetheless.

I wrote a book and then decided not to publish it. But it was a good experience, it was like a writing exercise, and I’m not sorry about anything. Now I want to write something else, something new. Actually when I looked at the book I wrote after I wrote it, I felt like I didn’t like it, wasn’t sure what message it would convey to people. Hence, discarded.

The best day of the year was July 2, spent at the Dead sea Lagoon with the family.

Read some good books. Here are some of the parts that stuck with me:




2013-12-25 23.33.08-1

2013-12-25 23.32.03-1

2013-12-25 23.29.57-1












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  1. تدوينة جميلة جدا علا. أكثر جزء أمتعني هو محاولة (حزر) أسماء الكتب التي اخترتِ منها الاقتباسات! عرفت منها: قواعد العشق الأربعون (بالإنجليزية)، ساق البامبو، وأظن على جناح الطير.
    هل يمكن أن تضعي لنا أسماء الكتب فضلا؟

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