Things to Remember in 2014

1- Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Don’t do it waiting for it to pay off, just do the right thing for the sake of doing it

2- It’s never too early or too late, everything happens when it is supposed to happen

3- There are so many stories to be told under the sun

4- As long as you’re alive, you are not done yet.

5- Avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague (well, almost like the plague, we’re only human)

6- في الحركة بركة

7- Read more.

8- Write more, even if it’s rubbish.

9- Love more, even the cats on the streets and the dead spider in the corner being eaten up by fire ants, and the fire ants. The more love you send into the world the more it resonates within your soul.

10- Stop over-thinking things.

11- Stop overreacting (No promises though)

12- Expect a pleasant surprise at any given moment.

13- Less social media, more socializing

14- Don’t be embarrassed to say no

15- Don’t be afraid to say yes

16- Discover new places

17- Discover more good dark chocolate brands

18- Nobody is indispensable.

19- Your bones are not made of glass.

20- Swallow your foolish pride once in a while.


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