For the Love of Chocolate

Like hundreds of millions of people all around the globe, I’m a self-confessed chocolate lover. Actually my relationship with chocolate goes beyond love, chocolate for me is a confidant, a best friend, I have faith in chocolate more than I have in some people. It’s that magical effect it has that when you’re happy you feel it shares your joy and when you’re sad or angry it soothes you, telling you “it’s okay, I’m here for you”. But the chocolate effect is best felt when it hits you out of nowhere. You know, when you haven’t had any for days and then you have that accidental piece of chocolate and when the cocoa hits your taste buds you feel like it’s the elixir of life no less. When it comes to chocolate, it’s always a matter of quality over quantity. That precious little dose of fine chocolate with tea or coffee gives it a glamorous air of its own, because chocolate must be treated with respect. Well, except when my nieces delve into a jar of Nutella – nothing classy or respectful about that-. But again, Nutella isn’t really chocolate so it’s okay. We still love it though. Chocolate makes a perfect gift too. Think about it, when you give someone chocolate it’s like saying: “I don’t think you’re fat”. It’s the ultimate expression of love and respect. Just try to avoid it when it’s for a woman who has just given birth, she’d be thinking of how to lose the weight already and it could be really insensible on your part. Of course chocolate is a relative word. I once made it clear that “if it’s not dark, it’s not chocolate”. Milk chocolate is for people who can’t handle real chocolate, and white chocolate is not even chocolate. The biggest debate however was when I declared that Nutella wasn’t chocolate either, it’s actually a hazelnut and cocoa spread and it was invented because chocolate was very expensive at some point in Europe, so it’s basically a cheat, candy disguised as chocolate. But after all, what’s in a name? It’s Nutella, you can call it zucchini paste and it would still taste as good. Now if you asked me what my favorite chocolate is, I couldn’t possibly give an answer. It’s like asking which of your 100 kids do you love the most, and you can’t even remember their names. But here’s a tribute to some chocolates, or at least what’s commonly known as chocolate, which I’ve been particularly fond of:

Pretty much anything Lindt

Milk, dark, mint, orange… as long as it’s Lindt it doesn’t matter. I particularly love their dark chocolate with mint or orange flavor, it offsets the bitterness while maintaining the needed cocoa mass for your blood stream. Both your taste buds and your brain cells will rejoice. IMG_4710 IMG_9873


Godiva Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Actually strawberries are one of my favorite things in the world. I can easily eat a box of them in a couple of days by my own, a healthy addiction that can also whiten your teeth. Of course it’s not as healthy when it’s dipped in chocolate but it’s probably the most delicious thing in the world. Sadly, this one is a long distance relationship as it’s not available in Jordan, only when I’m traveling or when someone else is traveling, but Nutella dipped strawberries can be just as good and even better.


Cadbury Caramel

In fact, it’s anything Cadbury, but this one is special. For if there’s anything in the world I love as much as chocolate, it has to be caramel, which is an evil evil things that does you no good other than giving you tooth cavities, spiking your blood sugar and putting you on cloud nine indeed. It just tastes so good that you forget how bad it is for you. Anything with caramel is a favorite with me, but Cadbury caramel candy bar takes the prize, it’s even better than the caramel stuffed Lindt chocolate bar, I guess Lindt’s caramel is too fancy for my taste. This is the real thing. caramel


…And This

Dark chocolate and marzipan, talk about  a winning combination. I just love marzipan and I think it’s so underrated. It’s a thing of beauty actually. I like other editions of Ritter too, I like how they come up with some limited edition every all the time. Like the strawberry and wafer one. Their dark chocolate is pretty good too.a013_marzipan_rlRS-73-fine-dark

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