Tips for a less Crappy Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, brace yourself for angry messages showering your timeline on facebook and Twitter condemning Valentine’s and objecting to this practice of singling out one day of the year to celebrate love, this universal notion we should celebrate on daily basis.

Well, that is absolutely right, and I do respect the idea, but I can’t help but think that the motives behind these messages might not be quite in accordance with the spirit of love. Actually, I think that the angrier the message, the bigger the denial, the bitterness and the dire need for love in the heart of that person. And being married or in a relationship doesn’t exempt you from that theory, by the way.

But don’t feel so bad, we are all guilty of that, aren’t we? It’s just so tempting to diss Valentine’s and the people who celebrate it. Too many jokes to be made, too much annoying romantic rubbish.

So, for the love birds out there, some PDA is okay, overdoing it or cheesing it is NOT okay, it seems like you’re just looking for an audience and it’s quite pathetic, to put it mildly. Oh, and we know that some of you only flirt on facebook, in real life it’s Grapes of Wrath. We, the audience, know, and we don’t like it.

Anyway, for those who are still on the safe side, it’s good to take this opportunity to remind yourself with some basic rules of thumb to avoid being a victim of those feelings of bitterness and negativity at some point:


– No matter how much you love someone, that doesn’t mean that you can change them with your love. This mistake is mostly made by women, because they are women.

– Don’t be foolish and go for words, love is a verb. If he makes you feel good about yourself, tells you nice things or sounds flirtatious or concerned at times that’s by no means enough to say that he loves you. Maybe you’re just filling a certain void for him.

– Selfish? Run for your life. A selfish person cannot love you, he’s too consumed loving himself. Love is an act of giving, a person who can’t give love would not be able to receive it. So, unless you hate yourself enough, stay away from him at the first signs of selfishness or gross narcissism.

– If he’s too afraid of commitment, let him go. Pressuring him into something could lead to disastrous ramifications, not the least of which is that he’d be bored soon enough and would try to paddle away from you as fast as he could. You want someone who wants to be with you, not someone who feels like he’s doing you a favor.

– Remember that not everyone will get to find and experience true love during their lifetime. And it’s perfectly okay. But also keep in mind that you can experience real love in all different forms, ranging from a baby nephew to a pet turtle.

– Remember: Once a disappointment, Twice a disappointment, Thrice a disappointment, always a disappointment.

– And for God’s sake remember: If someone likes you, he will tell you. If he doesn’t tell you, then he doesn’t like you. You swallow your pride when you’re in a relationship, not before, you idiot.

– Finally, five golden words to keep in mind: “I don’t need this crap”.

6 responses

  1. it is one of the reasons i ditched facebook, so much social interactions is bad and eventually impact your IQ, like my relative says : اذا انت عاقل بين مجانين، عقلك مابنفعك

    am giving up on my species, avoid towards the void, it is even a waste of time preaching or giving advice to people who really needs it; but do not deserve it, they think the universe orbits around them and they are all-wise.

    I think of it the way George Carlin does, imagine how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half the people in the world are more stupid

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