Story of a Ball

2014-05-23 13.21.32


Like everything else, this severely worn-out ball has a story of her own.

Chewed u by one too many knocks and countless bangs against stone-solid walls, this little thing was once as colorful as bouncy as it got. Back in the days when my biggest worry was a math exam I had a thing for a rubbery bouncing balls, or “crazy balls” as we called them. I had them in different shapes and colors, and they weren’t just collector’s items for me as I would hit them down hard on the street to see how far up they would go, and maybe invent some sort of game to play with them.

That was 17 or 18 years ago or so, if not longer before that.

At first this ball was kept safe somewhere in my desk or my closet along with other balls, but as time went by and life got busy, along with other small things, this ball was thrown around the house to fend for herself.

I remember seeing it under the couch, behind the TV or somewhere in the kitchen, as if it was moving around the house following certain stories or certain people, sneaking a peak here or eavesdropping there. Year after year, this ball was kicked around and slapped by feet and hands of all sizes, and I must say, she is a survivor indeed. In a house were, like every other house, things get lost all the time even when we sometime try to keep them under lock and key, this little thing stood her ground.

The fact that she was still there amazed me when I realized that fact some time ago, but what really made me sure she was a keeper was the fact that she was still there even after we moved houses. It’s hard to imagine that somewhere amid the fuss someone cared enough to maybe throw it into one of the boxes or send it to a new home one way or another.

Today as I was passing through my brothers’ room I found her standing there, staring at me as if saying: “How much longer do you think I will hang in there?” And that was when I realized I should at least take a photo of her before it’s too late, and maybe then write a little post in homage to this neglected warrior.

So, here to my favorite crazy ball ever which, in a world where people come and go in and out of your life like a shopping mall’s gate on a Friday night, she stuck through thick and thin.


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  1. interesting, when I visited amman, I found utensils that were as old as Damascus. Brought back so many memories. you hated math!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how come

      • Mock me if u want but words can “be” maths, very much maths actually. (let’s not engage in a math / maths debate now :D)

        The way we r taught the subject in good old Jo is no different from the rest of the planet. Yet, the focus is entirely algebra-driven where some parts of a problem/issue are united in some form to make a whole “solution” that satisfies certain condition. That is merely one aspect, an important one though, of maths.
        The geometry, for instance, that needs imagination and breaking away from a rule only to bring new “rules” that open up avenues for exploration (of all sorts of phenomena where maths can help explain) is not being applied. It might be there in the curriculum but never practised in the classroom. Even the analysis aspect of maths-teaching lacks imagination and/or breaking away from the norm (norm as in proven equations / rules / etc..)

        Hence, we think and believe maths is hard and not for everyone, that it is -entirely- a distinct specialisation of science and needs to be treated as such. Preventing it from the value of integration into other disciplines as well as “knowledge” in general. Writing/words are not in isolation of it -in my book!- never was, never should be.

        *haitham is done philosophising* 😛

  2. “to fend for herself” lol
    I think that was my fav (line)
    Welcome back! We missed yr writings, really.

    First, I did not imagine it was a bouncy ball, maybe because the pic is up-close. I thought it was a bigger ball.

    I would like to think that such ball is a hallmark of every household including the newer generation(s) :). I certainly had several of them but never kept one. All moved along ..somewhere!

    When we switched flats here in Glasgow we had one crazy bouncy ball, we could not find it when we unpacked, our daughter was really sad. I got her another 1, pink this time (cannot remember the colour of the lost one), she was thrilled but played with it for about a week and then abandoned here/it and ran away with a “younger” toy.

    When our son got a bit older and discovered he can actually reach his sister’s “treasure” boxes, he found it and suddenly the precious ball gained status & momentum. lol

    * would u believe that EXACTLY 4 days ago I found a new bouncy ball outside my office while going home, I have been promising to get a new one so to end the fight over the pinky ball but kept forgetting. This one is orange + some other colour that I cannot “label” 😀 and amazingly they both do not want to play with it even when I engage and start hitting it on the ceiling/floor or even outside!

    This morning I was doing some cleaning up, I had the flat all for myself and the “gang” went outside (weekend and what have you). I found one ball under the couch and the other behind a door. Both lonely and well, just lonely! [ok, I did not think of them as “lonely” until I read your post] 🙂
    I put them both in a large box along with all the other balls we “posses” they disappeared in the void of the box leaving the front seat for the bigger, UNbouncy balls!

    “neglected warrior” <– I liked this, liked even more its "spot" in yr memorial of dear ball (needs a name, no?) 🙂

    Thank you for making us "tick" about thingies Ola, thank you!

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