A Haunting Image

Today, watching the news. A report about children deaths in Gaza. A family lost 4 children while playing on the beach. Another family lost 3 children while playing on the roof of their house.

Could this be a nightmare?

And then there was that image.

People huddled around a hospital bed on which another child was receiving medical treatment, or perhaps was being announced dead. By the bedside stood a man holding a little girl, couldn’t be more than 2 or 3 years old, her face was smeared with blood, dotted with wounds. Her expression drooped with cluelessness. Her head swayed back and forth, her eyes were closing as if she couldn’t stay awake any longer. Was it pain or was it exhaustion? Or was she too exhausted from the pain?

Cut to the next scene. More dead children.

Perhaps she went to sleep. Perhaps she didn’t.

Who to Tell, How to Tell

I don’t know which is harder: following the news on Gaza or following the news on the news on Gaza. It wouldn’t take a keen observer to notice that the coverage by the Western media to the aggression on Gaza has been biased in favor of the aggressors and, as we have seen through the recent infamous blunder by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, it wasn’t very subtle in that regard. Sawyer mentioned rockets “showering” over Israel and misrepresented Palestinian victims as “Israeli family trying to salvage what they can”, her voice dropping to sympathetic tone. And I couldn’t help but wonder, would she have been so sympathetic had she realized she was actually talking about a Palestinian family, not an Israeli one?

But Mrs. Sawyer’s empathy is the least of our concerns. The more important question is: amid all this flow of misinformation and misrepresentation, how can you tell people, especially those who are not well-initiated about the conflict and its historical context, who the real victims are?

It’s very easy to show a footage of rockets falling over Tel Aviv with scared soldiers taking shelter and write a headline at the bottom of the screen about terrorist attacks on “Israel” who’s trying desperately to defend itself. It’s even easier when you add 3 kidnapped soldiers to the equation. Yet, there’s a whole different backstory for that scenario.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the 3 Israeli soldiers who disappeared and assumed held captive by Palestinians, but did you know there are currently over 5 thousand Palestinians detainees in Israeli jails, 200 of them are age 18 or less? Not only that, 1400 of them suffer from various illnesses due to the poor conditions of imprisonment, mistreatment and malnutrition. And, if you’re still dwelling on the word “kidnapped”, then here’s a little something to put things in perspective: There are 185 administrative detainees in Israeli jails; administrative detention being the term invented by the Zionist entity to arrest people and hold them captive on no charges, sort of a legally justified abduction.

Hence, it should be clear by now that any kidnapping of Israeli soldiers is used as leverage to pressure the Zionist authorities into releasing Palestinian prisoners, some of whom have been detained for over 20 years.

Another important thing to be noted is that the so-called state of Israel really doesn’t need an excuse to kill, bomb or destroy, as this is how they founded their state in the first place, by mass-murdering Palestinians, kicking them out of their homes and ransacking their towns and villages. Since 1948, Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces, entire families were wiped out, not to mention those who were killed before 1948 both by Zionist gangs and the collusive British forces to pave the way for the foundation of the Zionist state, in the same sense Native Americans were wiped out to make way for “the civilized people” to take over their land. thousands of homes were destroyed and razed to the ground, Palestinian lands were confiscated, Hundreds of thousands were displaced and others taken captive to suffer unspeakable atrocities in Israeli jails. Be that as it may, it should be obvious that any act done by Palestinians against Israel, or the illegal Zionist entity built on stolen land, is an act of resistance.

So get your facts right. Change the channel. Read. Log into social media, hear from those who are under fire as we speak, they can tell you what you need to know, not what the powers-that-be want you to.


دعاء واعتداء

عزيزي المسلم اللي طول نهارك بتشارك أدعية عالفيسبوك وغيره: عمرك سمعت عن إشي اسمه الاعتداء في الدعاء؟

خلينا نتفق على إشي، الدعاء إشي رائع ومطلوب وهو عبادة بحد ذاته. بس للتوضيح:0

الدعاء مش ضروري يكون في سجع وقافية، يعني تكلف وصنعة في إشي المفروض يكون طالع من القلب، مش زابطة، وعلى فكرة السجع مكروه في الدعاء

وبما إنه المفروض يكون طالع من القلب فمش ضروري الدعاء يكون عبارة عن نص واحد كاتبه وحاطه على صورة وردة ولا غروب شمس عشان تقعد تسمع فيه كإنه درس محفوظات، متل العدد المهولمن الأدعية المتداولة عالفيسبوك والواتساب واللي أصلا بتلاقي فيها مليان أخطاء لغوية وحتى عبارات مغلوطة أصلاً وتخالف الدين

وبمناسبة الواتساب والفيسبوك، شو بالنسبة للأدعية اللي بتكون أربع صفحات فولوسكاب عالوجهين؟ أصلاً الإطالة في الدعاء مكروهة، وقصة إنه الشيخ يقعد يدعي نص ساعة والناس تقول وراه آمين هاي الله أعلم مين اخترعها، غير عن عشرات الأدعية اللي بكون في آخرها حديث مكذوب أو هي نفسها مأخوذة من حديث مكذوب ومالوش أصل، إنه يا أخي شغل مخك، بالعقل يعني معقول الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم يحكي: “من أخبر الناس بهذا الدعاء فرج الله همه”؟ والناس بتبعت ما هب ودب. أصلاً إذا بتدوروا بتلاقوا إنه الأدعية المأثورة عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم في أغلبيتها أدعية قصيرة مختصرة، “اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فاعف عنا”، “اللهم إني أسألك العفو والعافية”، أو الأدعية الواردة في القرآن مثل: “اللهم آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الآخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار”…0

وبمناسبة الشيوخ والأدعية الطويلة، مش فاهمة من وين جابوا قصة الدعاء بالهلاك على مجموعات عامة من البشر… الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم لما طلب منه أحد الصحابة يدعي على المشركين قال: “إني لم أبعث لعاناً وإنما بعثت رحمة”، وحتى لما دعا على بعضهم بأسمائهم نزلت الآية الكريمة: “ليس لك من الأمر شيء أو يتوب عليهم أو يعذبهم” – صدق الله العظيم

بعدين الدعاء الحقيقي لازم يكون خالص لوجه الله، يعني مش رياء ولا لفت نظر، يعني مش كل ما وحدة حبت تعيش دور سندريلا العصر الحديث وضحية المجتمع تروح تكتب: “يا رب ما إلي غيرك، يا رب صبرني على هالعيشة”… يختي ماشي، حلو، ناجي ربنا بينك وبينه، ليش بدك جمهور؟

وبعدين موضة ال:0
Generic Duaa

طبعاً هاي قصة لحالها، بتشغل برنامج يدعي عنك وإنت مش عارف أصلاً شو الأدعية اللي بحطها وشو الوقت اللي بحطها فيه، وهاي الأدعية بالنسبة لمتابعينك بتصير عبارة عن سبام وشيء مبتذل حتى الناس تبطل تقرأ أصلا. حط على موبايلك برنامج يذكرك تذكر ربنا طول الوقت مثلاً مش أحسن؟

ارحمونا يرحمكم الله