Three – Oh

Yesterday I officially turned 30. Ironically, I had plans for the whole week except for yesterday, so I thought of attending a lecture at Shoman library about ISIS as a fact and a phenomenon, but thankfully a good friend called and said she wanted to take me out to celebrate, the saving me the trauma resulting from the shocking realization that it was my birthday and I was listening to a lecture about a militant group threatening to take over the region.


Shortly after my 29th birthday, I opened a document file, wrote down some thoughts and saved it on my desktop. It was a post in the making about turning thirty. Few days before my 30th birthday, I found myself smiling as I read through the things I wrote, but I had one other thought in mind: I was so preoccupied with turning thirty that I almost forgot about being 29. I put myself on the defensive, basically against my own self. Little did I know that by the time I approached my 30th birthday it would be much better than I thought, and I’ll have nothing to be depressed about and everything to be happy, excited and thankful for. It actually beats my 27th birthday for example – that was a depressing one, and for no good reason as I now realize. Apparently 27 was the age of Drama. 30 is the renaissance.

So I asked myself, what’s with all the fuss about the big three-O?

Well, let’s face it, thirty is, has always been, probably will continue to be the scariest number. You know, for a girl in an Arab society turning 30 has always been a stigma, some sort of an alarm siren that goes off signaling the end of your productive years, or should I say “reproductive” years, as it’s mainly driven by a culture built around fertility years, still functioning on the mentality of “I need to have 10 children to help me in the field”. Yes, believe it or not, this is the underlying thought behind the frenzy.

But 30 is a great and grossly underrated age. You see, there are many cool things about being 30 – mainly that you can’t stay 20 forever so it’s like the next best thing…

But seriously now…

You automatically stop giving as much crap to what others think, I call it the “crap switch”. It’s basically because people stop expecting as much from you. Ironically enough, for guys it’s when people start having expectations of you, enjoy your thirties, suckers!

You feel like a fully grown-up adult now. You’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot, and it’s time you decided what you want to do with your life, what choices to make.

You have more appreciation for time, hence you have little to no tolerance for stupid movies or people who are nothing but time thieves, those are the wh people who drain your energy, put you down and spend the best part of their days whining about their “bad luck”. Looking incredulously at how fast time goes and how you’re suddenly at the age of the people you used to look at as a kid and think they were “3ammo’s” and “Khalto’s”, you know that life is too short so you need to focus on what matters, and on those who matter most to you.

So, be thirty or be dead. That’s what it comes down to in the end of the day. Bring it on, thirties!



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  1. I, as many many Earthlings, used to think that age is nothing but a number. Maybe it was some sort of escape to getting I don’t know. But it is absurd really.
    From saying things like (age is nothing but a stigma) to (live your years to the fullest) and everything/line between I guess these are a resemblance of the very fabric of life itself. We are going to die, it is the duality of life that makes it both all alright + all sensible. Getting “more” years into our inventory will give us a stir of thoughts and emotions. Some of which are universal and many, unique and tailored. The things we attribute to being 30 or 40 (the four-O is the new thing now! With all the advancement in medicine as well as connectivity) or whatever “number” are a product of such realization of how passing one’s timeline (had to use that word u know! :D) is OK. It brings new things, it kicks away others, and ,most importantly, reminds us that it all depends on how we perceive it. That is in our hands, hard, but obtainable just the same.

    Happy thirties! [& beyond].

  2. Happy birthday Ola 🙂 and many happy returns!!

    I’ll be 33 in November and all I care about is the following feeling: I am healthy and happy and my brain is still functioning and dreaming of better a better world!

    The three-Oh of your wonderful self (or the Four-oh of the wonderful Haitham Sheeshany) are just numbers on a counter that will one day stop. But that counter does not indicate value. The value is in what we see, experience and achieve. (Sorry for the cliche)

    May the three-oh and the following numbers on the counter be full of good sights to behold, rich experiences and monumental achievements.

  3. I laughed at your comment on turning 30. For me, I struggled with turning 40. Now I am 47, and closer to 50 then I was to 40. From an Australian’s perspective, its sad that the value of young women are seen mainly for their reproductive ability. Praying for God’s real peace to cover, work through, and well up within your nation – protecting it from the militants.

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