The Diaries and Misadventures of a Social Misfit – 2

“So, that’s it?” He sister said as she came into the room without knocking. “One bad interview and you’re shutting yourself up in your room?”

“I found that to be the safest course of action.” She said calmly, without taking her eyes off her phone.

“Ummm, lying on bed all day while browsing facebook does not qualify as ‘Action’, you know.'”

“I’m not on facebook,” she replied, unmoved. “I deactivated my account. Too many happy people.”

“Those shameless monsters!” Said the sister sarcastically with squinting eyes.

“No…” she sat up. “I’m serious. The whole thing is like a giant microscope. Everything looks bigger and better than it is. A trip to the beach looks like the trip of a lifetime, a simple gathering of friends at a local café seems like a dream, a high-class velvety fundraiser makes it feel like they’re gonna end world hunger. And you’re sitting there like a peeping tom with a pair of binoculars, observing the mood changes of people you couldn’t care less about, browsing carefully picked photos of beautiful people with big, wide smiles going on and on about their friends and their jobs, all the while reminding you that you don’t have any of those things…”

“Well then get up and go find yourself some friends!”

“I don’t want friends!” She slumped back onto the bed. “You’re missing the point.”

“Then get up and go find yourself a job.”

“Tried. Didn’t work out very well.”

“How bad could it be? I don’t understand. We all have bad interviews, that doesn’t…”

“I really don’t want to talk about it.” She said sharply, avoiding eye contact. “I’ll get a job when I get a job.”

“Yeah, but based on my humble knowledge of the labor market, jobs don’t usually come knocking on your door.”

“Invaluable information, thank you.” She raised her eyebrows in mock astonishment.

“Suit yourself.” He sister finally surrendered. As she left the room, Dina got up from the bed and walked towards the big window. She pulled the curtain slightly aside and stood there staring at nothing in particular, thinking that her sister had a point. What’s next? She’s has graduated a year ago and she’s yet to find a decent job.

Suddenly, her gaze froze, she felt the blood draining from every vein in her body, and her muscles turned to stone. There with the same yellow smile and the stench of smoke she could smell without smelling, stood the man responsible for her latest phobia. But he wasn’t alone, along with him there was a woman dressed in an elegant navy dress, wearing her hair down, and two children who ran and jumped in front of them. They were clearly a family, and a happy one too.

The moving truck didn’t leave much for speculations: those were their new neighbors.

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