A Year in Review

At the onset of this year, which now feels like a lifetime ago, I had an idea. I was annoyed by the fact that we remember certain days of the year, or certain occasions, while the rest seems like while noise. So, I decided to celebrate each single day by marking it in memory, and what’s a better reminder of what that day was about than a photo?

A photo a day. It seemed perfect at the time. I actually went on with it and took photos every day of January, before digital disaster struck.

I don’t know what went wrong exactly, but while I was copying the pictures from my mobile to my laptop, I lost them all. Just like that. Vanished into thin air. I tried data recovery apps, but the photos were corrupted. Eventually after several failed attempts, I gave up on the idea altogether.

Now, almost 12 months later, I can see that everything happens for a reason indeed. Some pictures I was so keen on saving were now among those I had to delete permanently, because the things I so wanted to remember a year ago, are the very things I’m now struggling to forget.

But it’s not only the pictures. The real problem arises when everything around you reminds you of what you once had, and how it all blew up in your face.There’s no escaping it, and making peace with it is much easier said than done. How you wish that you can just join hands with a few friends and sing “Let it go”, and then everything would be history.

But then the only solution is to start over, a clean slate, even if only figuratively. If not out of desire then out of necessity. Acknowledge your losses, the irreparable damages, the disappointments. Collect the shattered pieces of your soul and place them back together, stop thinking of what has been, what could’ve been, and start contemplating what can be.

The new year came sooner than I expected, and ready or not, it’s time to set sail again.



5 responses

  1. was it on phone memory or on an SD card ?
    if it was an SD card, i’d definitely won’t risk using non well known brands (i’d pick sandisk for sure, even comes with 1 year of file recovery software).

    if it was phone memory, i’d sue Sony (i presume you still got your Z2)

      • Avoid dodgy blank non branded sd cards, get sandisk or kingstone (class 10 at least)

        I know for sure sandisk are waterproof and x-ray proof.

        If you shoot lots of videos in 1080 or 4k, get a fast sd card 40-90 MB/s, they’re more expensive though.

        The more you use that as card the less possiblity you can extract photos from it, it would be best to put it in an adapter, into a laptop with an sd reader and run recovery software from there

        Hope you find these tips useful

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