7 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Has Just Broken Up

So, it’s that time of the year again, when a minority of the population who A) are in actual relationships and b) actually love each other, celebrate their love for each other in ways that range from the heart-warming to the stomach-turning.

Now, while some might take this opportunity to appreciate their blessings, or to express their love and devotion to one another or, in some cases, enjoy that love while it lasts because – let’s face it- this is not going to work, [you know that one is not a keeper, yes you do], for others, the four-letter word spells pain, loads of it.

As I hope you don’t know firsthand, that’s a tough position to be in. Moreover, as you may probably know – statistically- it’s not an easy position to be around someone in that position. And, to tell the truth, dealing with people who got screwed over/heart-broken over the years have shown me what an incredibly insensitive moron I could be. I actually remember a few years ago when a close friend of mine was in the process of breaking up her engagement and wasn’t talking to me about it. She was literally avoiding me. When she finally told me she said she was sorry she didn’t tell me earlier but she didn’t need any lectures at the time. Now in my defense, the things I would say were true, as she would realize when the dust settled, it just that my timing was a little off.

So, you don’t always know the right things to say or not to say, it take some experience, you live and learn. I don’t claim to having become a relationship expert but at least I know I’m not dangerous to be around recently broken up people, and with some effort I may be able to offer some comfort.

So, here are some of the things I learned you should not say to or around those love martyrs:


  1. Badmouthing the EX: No “good riddance” no “Nobody liked him anyway”, no “I don’t know what you saw in her”. None of that. You’d think you’re helping but you’re not, you’re just telling them how blinded they were, what a poor judge of character they are, and how much time and energy they’ve wasted for nothing. And you might not even be right, consider that. Everyone has shortcomings, and you will always find something to criticize and make it look like the worst choice ever. Just don’t do that, it’s the last thing they want to hear.
  2. “It’s not over yet, it could still work out”: Unless they said so themselves, please, don’t start predicting the future, not even the near future, stay in the present. Don’t give them false hope, don’t push them to make wrong decisions under emotional agitation and fear of the unknown. Yes, it might work out in the end, but it might not. You never know, so just put that crystal ball away and go get them a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, that’d be worlds better.
  3. “Don’t cry”: Especially if followed by “it’s not worth your tears” or “there’s nothing to cry about”. Remember this: people don’t always have a clear reason for crying. Someone who’s gotten divorced from an abusive husband would cry her eyes out for weeks on end, and she wouldn’t be doing that because she misses him or thinks he’s worth it, I can tell you that. People cry because they feel like crying, it’s not something you can have much control over, really. They cry because it makes them feel better, it’s a natural process that helps us release emotional tension. Live with it.


  1. “If he/she really loved you, they wouldn’t do so and so”: Unless you hate the person you’re trying to comfort and want to crush their soul, please keep your genius theories to yourself.


  1. “I knew it wouldn’t last”: You know, you could say this about every relationship you know and you would probably be right 4 out of every 10 times at least, but you don’t take credit for that, probability does. You don’t know anything. Again, break that crystal ball and go get them a bowl of chicken soup.


  1. “I told you so”: Seriously, just shut up.


  1. Anything about yourself: The general rule is, more listening, less talking. Let them do the talking, and if they want you to start speaking about your lost love and what an utter fool you’ve been, they’ll let you know. You can go back to being the center of the universe next week.



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