A very short story

Just as his mom tucked him in, kissed his forehead and was about to turn around and leave the room, the little boy pulled at her sleeve.

– Mom, I have a secret to tell you.

She smiled tenderly. She knew he was looking for an excuse to make her stay a little longer. He’s been having so many nightmares since his father went to jail.

– Really? What is it?
– No, I need to whisper it in your ear.
– But we’re alone in the room.
– I don’t want the Teddy bears to hear.

She leaned in, humouring his childish whim. He wrapped his little arm around her head, pulled her hair back with the other hand and with a trembling voice he whispered as low as he could:

“Daddy is in the hall. I can see his shadow. He’s carrying an axe”

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