Ahlam: A Short Movie in The Making


When Fekra Initiative was first launched in 2008, there was no way anyone could foresee what was yet to come. The idea was to transform ideas into short movies, no matter how simple, and try to reach the largest number of people.

No great expectations involved. And with no professional experience whatsoever and a DV camera with a malfunctioning display monitor, Fekra produced their first movie, Dandana, which was received well by the audience and opened the door for the group to enrich their experience by collaborating with the Royal Film Commission that provided them with the equipment they needed to produce their second short movie, Blossoms of Silence. Although the group still lacked the professional experience, the movie made it to the Franco-Arab film festival in 2009 along with other 11 short movies. Both movies scored with the audience, they were also featured on a number of reputable websites such as the International Museum of Women and Global Voices Online. Moreover, Dubai-based Alaan TV dedicated an entire episode of “Al-Layla” show to discuss the movies and interview members of the group.

Today, Fekra is back in the shooting location for their latest movie, Ahlam, but this time it’s quite different from the other two movies. Professional experience came into play by collaborating not only with RFC, that was a great help, but also with people of expertise in this field who contacted the group and expressed interest in working with them. What was also impressive is the collaboration and support from the local community, with people opening their doors to use their houses and offices as filming locations and offering all the help they could, as well as the willingness of everyone involved in the movie to work for hours on end to make it happen.

The idea of the movie comes from a story that not so many people know by a great writer that everyone knows. Yet, the idea is adapted into a new story written by Ola Eliwat, directed by Mohammad Eliwat (both the founders of the group) and stars a group of young Jordanians, with the renowned Jordanian actor Mr. Dawoud Jalajel as a guest star.

This is a report done by WTV about the making of the movie Ahlam:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The film isn’t produced by the Royal Film Commission as the report says, but it’s done in collaboration with the Royal Film Commission