Mish Pointless – Ep. 9

So, what would people lose if they parked their cars properly instead of occupying two parking lots especially on a busy day at the mall where finding a place to park your car is like looking for an empty table at American Bakehouse on a Friday morning…? 

If you have a little baby, there are few things you might need to give up, say… SMOKING!!

 So, does Arabic drama reflect the Arabic society or is it the Arabic society that imitates the drama?

And a complementary Mish Pointless photo… Ramadan Kareem!

Mish Pointless Ep. 8

There are times where I wish life had a like button, like when that cop stopped the traffic to let a woman and her baby cross the street

Whatever opera-like commercials you make, instant noodles aren’t healthy!

مصطلح “العرس الكروي” لازم ينشطب من قاموس التلفزيون الأردني

Cleaning out your desks could make you discover more than you think. It can also make you discover that you haven’t done that in years! (cinema tickets stubs say it all)

Mish Pointless ep. 7 [Pictures edition]

“The best time to relax is when you have no time to relax”


Again, books and laptop’s are man’s best friends. They never turn their back on you (laptop breaking down or low battery doesn’t count, it’s like when a friend is sick or when they die”


A lone ranger


Another sunset. I’m really glad this month is almost over. Not that it was bad, but I can use a fresh start

Mish Pointless, ep. 6

– Why do we feel good when we laugh? Why does pain bother us? Is it possible that if we focused really hard we could enjoy pain, or is it purely physical?

– Do we all see colors the same way, or does every person see things in a unique way, just like no two people on earth have the same fingerprints? But if it was so, how can we ever know?

– You know the world has become a small village when your cousin sends you a message saying: “I just wanted to wish you a good morning… good night!”

Mish Pointless Ep. 4

– To see people working professionally, doing a great job and helping other people in what they do with such passion  and honesty although there’s nothing in it for them, no personal gain or whatever, while they could easily let it go and spare themselves all the trouble, and to see that in Jordan, in the public (or semi-public) sector, it makes me proud and gives me a great sense of hope and satisfaction.

– To be successful you must learn how to handle criticism.

– When you feel like you’re losing a friend, it could help to open up a bit. Release tension, restore trust and create a new way to connect.

Mish Pointless ep. 3

– Among the things I’m addicted to, I’m a planning freak, a cyber junkie and a sucker for tomatoes. I’m trying to stop the first one but I continue to feed the other two. That’s how I ended up at the kitchen table, blogging this while making tomato soup.

– You know who should get a life? Paparazzi! The waste their times hunting for photos that are of no good to no one of people who want nothing to do with them and who, in some cases, end up beating or suing them.  Get a real job!

– Recently I’m feeling like my heart skips a beat whenever I see a little girl. I guess I miss my nieces so much, even the one who’s not even born yet.

Mish Pontless, ep. 2

* You know what makes me smile? Seeing a grandparent with a little grandchild walking in the street. Gives me a sweet tingling inside.  Now I know this could indicate that their parents are dead or divorced, but it could also indicate nothing but  a special relationship between 2 people from 2 very different generations. I just love it when I hear my mother or father talk about my 2-year old niece, their granddaughter. Or when she calls out for them: tEEtA, Sheddo!

** Yesterday I heard this commercial on the radio: for every 10 donuts you get half a litre of ice cream for free. It sounded to me like: “With every heart attack you get diabetes for free!” But who am I to judge? I had omelet and pancakes for breakfast today!

***  I have a Love/Hate relationship with sleep. See, I love it when I feel sleepy and fall asleep, and the feeling of waking up after having slept for many hours, but at the same time there’s so many interesting things to do in the time you’d be sleeping in! So, if sleep was a man, we’d be divorced but still in love with each other…