This is Unbelievable!


Where were all those people hiding? all those cars to be more politically correct… have I been living on another palnet or what?
You know the working hours in Ramadan are just neat… from 8-3 is not that much… the problem is when you leave work and you find all those cars crammed in some avenue, all standing in a long queue that goes down from the third circle to God knows where it ends… Now we fuguered it would be easier to wrok an extra half hour, waiting for the road rage outside to simmer down… And if you tried taking another path through Abdoun, you are faced with the maze of detours. Can you believe it took me almost 45 minutes to get home today! Well, I think I’m lucky, since it took my friend one and half an hour to get to her home in Marca!
Seriuosly, someone’s gotta do something about it… I mean, how abou that Gulf war or whatsoever traffic system… I mean, if you remember, cars with odd-numbered license plates were allowed on the streets one day, and cars with even-numbered license plate were allowed the next day. Don’t know if it’s quite feasible or appliccable now, but I’m desperate! Or, why not make some arrangement between companies.. I mean, why do we all have to go to work and leave at the same time? or why don’t the companies provide transportation facilities for their employees?
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