Paris et al.

Person 1: It’s tragic what’s happened in Paris

Person 2: Yeah, totally insane. All these innocent people.

Person 1: Yes. I have a couple of French friends so I was up all night trying to make sure they were fine.

Person 2: Oh, I hope they were safe.

Person 1: Yes, thank God. I couldn’t know what to say except to express my deep sympathy and my apologies.

Person 2: Wait, what were you apologizing for?

Person 1: The bombings, you know.

Person 2: I’m sorry, I’m not following. What did you have to do with the bombings?

Person 1: Not me, but you know, because those were our people who did it,

Person 2: “Our people”, person 1, when did you join ISIS?

Person 1: I didn’t, it’s just that they are from here and they are Muslims

Person 2: They call themselves Muslims, that doesn’t make them our people and doesn’t make us responsible for their heinous acts.

Person 1: Well, we share something.

Person 2: Really? Tell me now because I don’t get it, as a Muslim living in the Middle East, who has never been to France, never incited against non-Muslims, never committed any discriminatory acts or promoted self-supremacy and have always spoken against terrorism, how am I supposed to be held responsible for the acts of some lunatics miles away who were created by certain powers for the sake of their own political agendas and then they were made to believe that killing people gives an express trip to Heaven? How am I supposed to be put in the same circle as these criminals just because at face value we seem to share the same beliefs?

Person 1: But people in the West don’t know that.

Person 2: Well then they need to educate themselves about it. You know what else they need to know? They need to know that ISIS kills many more Muslims that it does None-Muslims. How many people in the West know that? How many people heard about the bombings at the Mosque in Beirut one night before the Paris bombings where scores of people were killed? How about all the others slaughtered by ISIS in Syria? How about the bombings in the mosques in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait perpetrated by none other than ISIS? How about the Jordanian pilot who was burned to death by ISIS, that was a devout Muslim by the way. How can we be held accountable when we are victims ourselves?

Person 1: Well, for them those ISIS members came from amongst us

Person 2: Every society has its deluded bunch, and extremism can thrive wherever it finds fertile soil. As there are Islamic extremists there are right wing extremists in Europe and America, Jewish extremists in Israel, extremism isn’t confined to one religion or nationality. Heck, there are even extremist Buddhist killing Muslims in Burma by the hundreds, did the world know about that? No, because they only see what the media shows them.  So, instead of blaming a whole religion or people, go blame those who are funding terrorist groups and funding the war in Syria and the Middle East.

Person 1: That’s true, but perhaps they feel they have the right to demand an apology.

Person 2: Look, I understand what happened was horrendous, and they have the right to be angry, but we’re not the people they should be angry at, nor are we the ones who need to be making apologies. You don’t see Arabs going around demanding apology from every Jew in the world because of the Israeli on-slaughter of the Palestinians, and we surely didn’t demand an apology from every Christian in the world after Bush invaded Iraq killing hundreds of thousands while calling it a crusade. In fact, we Arabs, Muslims, the French people, the Latino people and everyone suffering from these wars all over the world have one common enemy. The powers that be who work in the shadows to serve their own political and fiscal agendas. Those may claim to belong to different religions, but in the end they all share the same values of greed and thirst for power. Those are the ones who pin us against each other, those are the ones whose interest lies in spreading hatred and discrimination, the ones who divide to rule. Those are the ones we should look out for, and the ones who should be making apologies.

Don’t be naïve, Person 1, this is much bigger than you and me, much bigger than all of us.

Let Them Drown

Said Europe.

Europe, who contributed more than enough to the demise and destruction of Africa, this continent way richer than theirs, whose people have been oppressed, enslaved and killed so that Europe could ascend over their skulls to its present glory, and today Europe is living up to its historic role as the executioner, however there’s no guillotine this time, only a vast treacherous expanse of sea…

Europe, who thought of Syria, Palestine and Iraq as their natural right to have and to give away, and hence now it’s their right to leave them out there in the open ocean to sink to their death. Their loyal subjects, in life and in death.

“Let them drown” is the new “let them eat cake”



On the Charlie Hebdo Shootings

I guess by now everyone has heard of the Charlie Hebdo shootings that took place in Paris last week. To avoid any confusion let me start by making a clear point: I do not condone the attack in anyway and there is no reason in my mind to justify it. It was an act of terrorism, and a stupid one for that matter.

Having established that let me move on to what I found mind boggling about this whole thing. People have been dealing with the issue as a matter of terrorism against freedom of speech, but I really couldn’t see it that way. This was a conflict of extremes. A clash between 2 kind of extremists: On the one obvious side of course we have the killers, those who planned and carried out the armed attack on the newspaper. However, on the other side we have another kind of extremists, those who took it upon themselves to ridicule the beliefs and culture of a large part of the French population, let alone the world, and hence alienate and humiliate them by insulting what they choose to believe in. And in between these two extremes we have hundreds of thousands of French people, Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, people of all faiths and ideologies who don’t make it their life quest to insult and ridicule other people’s beliefs or stage terrorist attacks on them.

You cannot ask for a peaceful world if you are not willing to respect other people and their right to believe in whatever they believe in. Again, I’m against terrorism and violence, but I’m also against disrespect and alienation. You know what I’m also against? Double standards. When a person like Netanyahu who killed 17 journalists in Gaza last year goes to Paris to participate in a march for freedom of speech then you know it’s an utter farce. When this same newspaper pretending to defend freedom of speech has fired a cartoonist in 2009 over “anti-Semitic” cartoons then you see that this is a march for elective freedom, one that agrees with the current world order and which the powers that be approve of.

But was it really a shock for this to happen in a country like France? Think about it. A country that keeps bragging about being the land of freedom and equality while continuing to issue discriminatory laws and regulations limiting the freedoms of certain groups of its population, giving way for more resentment and feelings of injustice to build among these groups and giving other groups more reason to be racists and hateful on the micro level, creating a fertile soil for hate and sectarian grudges to thrive in all directions.

Hate breeds hate, and violence breeds even more violence, and people everywhere continue to pay the ultimate price because other people won’t let go of their prejudices, and others give themselves the right to kill over them, end of story.

The Art of Terror

The human psyche works in twisted ways. It has an uncanny ability to create a whole new world inside the mind where illusions are turned into realities and realities are suppressed as not to pollute that pristine, immaculate realm where what you know can’t hurt you, and what you don’t know doesn’t exist.

Ever wondered why people enjoy watching horror movies, or why we get such a kick from watching fireworks from a near distance? Certainly it’s not all about the bright colors, I can tell you that much. In fact, it goes deeper than that. It’s a game our mind enjoy playing and it’s simply called “Contained Fear”.

During the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003, there was a study which showed that people in America were watching more horror movies than before the war. They went to explain that since people felt so insecure due to the circumstances of war, they were trying to find haven in something where they can experience fear and danger knowing that they were safe in the end of the day. So, the illusions in those movies became their own twisted reality that exists only in their minds while the real worry and concerns were put on hold for those 90 minutes.

It also works the other way around. You know how you would take extra caution while walking  slowly down a flight of  high, steep stairs that have no railing, while if they did have railing you would go down running without even touching the railing. It’s not because the railing protected you, it’s just because it made you feel safe, just like a little child carrying their blanket around.

Fear is something not to be taken lightly. It’s too potent a motive not to be capitalized on by governments around the world. Case in point, after 9/11 the American media went berserk with all the news stories about terrorism and terrorists threats. It was almost as they were trying to scare people in purpose, or were they? Of course it’s no secret that this had a major role in re-electing George W. Busch, for what’s more effective for a candidate to gain people’s votes that convincing them that they are in danger and that he will do everything to protect them? It’s no surprise then that whenever Ben Laden issued a tape Busch would go up in the polls.

It’s an age-old way to dominate people. It’s a subtle art devised with cunning and resourcefulness to instill the idea of terror in people mind and convince them they are in real danger even though it’s not necessarily true. It’s the art of making a mountain out of a molehill to serve a hidden agenda. Just like the Discrimination wall that separates the West Bank from the occupied lands of Palestine AKA Israel, it achieves nothing but adding to the suffering of the Palestinian people who were separated from their workplaces, farms, schools, etc and eating up a part of the West Bank which includes acres and acres of agricultural land. Hence, it conveniently serves Israel’s agenda as well as making Israelis feel safe.

It’s a world dominated by fear and, sadly, the people who master this art the most are the most cowardly of all.

Israel and the Art of Lying

Israel and the Art of Lying Tuesday, January 06, 2009 I can’t think of a good way to write this!

This morning I was listening to Perez’s intreview with Al-Jazeera. To say that I was appalled and disgusted by his blatant lies is an understatment. I mean, what a pile of bullshit! Let’s review some of those lies:

Lie #1: Israel doesn’t kill children. Well, I would sooner believe that marsians are preparing to invade Earth! I mean, if Israel doesn’t kill children, then who does? Or maybe they have a different definition for “children”, by which those “people” in these pictures are disqualified…

Lie #2: Israel respects all human beings and believes all humans lives are equal. Well, then how do you explain the 550+ Palestinians who were cold-bloodedly killed? 550 Palestinians for 5 Israelis, doesn’t seem like a fair equation to me!

Lie #3: Israel respects all religions. Well, shut up already! We all know how Israelis view other religions, we all know who’s trying to demolish the Holy Places of Muslims and Christians, we all know what you believe in and it’s no secret. We’re all animals to you, or worse, because even animals are not showered with bombs and killed day and night…

You know, what really makes me sick isn’t only the blatant lies told by Israeli officials, this is something we’re used to. What really disgusts me is the thought that there are people out there who could actually believe them! I don’t know how is that possible with all the tragic pictures of women and children and innocent people being killed in Gaza. But who knows, the Israeli propaganda is capable of misleading the public. I just hope that no one will be so clueless as to believe it.

Spread the word, tell the world the truth! Don’t let them have it their way…

Netanyahu the Man-Whore

Netanyahu the Man-Whore

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I wonder what kind of nerve does it take, with over 400 people killed and 2070+ injured so far, for that prick Netanyahu to appear on TV and talk about the “agony Hamas is putting Israel through”… Excuse me? Agony? Then, in a pathetic effort to gain some sympathy, he said that “A mother of 4 children was injured in Israel”. Now if that isn’t blatant insolence I don’t know what it is. Using an injured woman and that fact that she has 4 children to gain people’s sympathy, totally overlooking all the Palestinian women in Gaza who had actually lost their children because of the Israeli crimes. How many kids and women were killed in the last 6 days? And yet, that worthless douchbag, AKA Netanyahu, has the nerve to say that he and his country are suffering. Well, maybe if you stopped killing innocent hundreds of innocent people you won’t suffer those minor injuries…  But again, what do you expect from a pig like that?

No offence to pigs… or man-whores

The Largest Minority in the World

The other day I was listening to the BBC Arabic, they were discussing something about the Middle East crisis. At one point, they started talking about minorities and their rights, and someone suggested that “Israelis are a minority in the Arab world” and they are being “abused” by the majority. The discussion went on and on, are Israelis (more specifically, Jewish Israelis) a minority? If so, I really wonder, what is a minority?


I looked up the definition on the net, and the results were fairly satisfying, look at this:


mi·nor·i·ty (mə-nôr’ĭ-tē, -nŏr’-, mī-)
n., pl. -ties.

    1. The smaller in number of two groups forming a whole.
    2. A group or party having fewer than a controlling number of votes.
    1. A racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part.
    2. A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.

If you look at the definitions 1-a, 2-a, you will realize that Israelis can absolutely be considered a minority, no need for further explanation I guess.


But, looking at definition 2-b, you can see that it doesn’t apply to Israelis in anyway. This definition deals with status rather than number (quality not quantity). 5 million Israelis (including 1,7 million Arabs, which makes the “minority” around 3,3 million only) versus an estimated 291 million Arabs. Leaving populations aside, the influence of Israel on shaping the international policies is no mystery to anyone, given that the Jewish lobby is the most influential party in the United States, the most powerful country in the world today. This is politics, but this is not all, have a look at these interesting facts:

Israel Military Power

Military branches:
Army, 134,000
Navy, 9,000
Air Force 32,000 troops
Reserves, 430,000

Primary military equipment

Ground forces: 3,800 tanks, including U.S.-built M1A1a, M-60A3a, and native Merkaavas; 1,500 large artillery pieces.
Sea power: Four diesel submarines, three missile corvettes and a fleet of about a dozen fast missile patrol boats.
Air power: About 2,000 combat aircraft, mostly U.S. F-16 and F-15 variants, plus 25 nuclear capable F-15Es; about 80 older F-4 Phantoms.

Military expenditures: $8.7 billion, fiscal year 1999
Military expenditures, percent of gross domestic product: 9.4 percent, fiscal year 1999

Seems like some terms need to be redefined! Or at least some definitions should be more referred to/widespread and used by people. You can’t call Jews a minority in the Palestine, in the same sense you call Cercassians a minority in Jordan or Syria or wherever… I think the real minority is us, with our puppet governments, wappenschawing our obsolete, second hand weapons, watching Israelis killing Palestinians everyday then calling them terrorists for second-striking them. In fact, I think we’ve just made a record, the largest minority in the world! A minority of roughly 291 million Arabs, Way to go!

Actually, I think Hajjaj had a point in this cartoon, even if he didn’t mean it the sense I’m referring to now. I think I just had an epiphany: we are just like a big fatty cheese burger, with no less than 600 calories, empty calories, good for nothing but increasing your body fat mass and destroying your liver. (Mind you that I’m talking about the overall effects of the burger as a whole, not the individual components, you know there msut be some good lettuce in there lost between all the beef and cheese)   

Bon appetite… I’m afraid!

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Bon Appetite, I’m afraid

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Saddam, off to history

I think it happened too fast. Usually a good deal of time elapses before they carry out a death sentence. Well, now Saddam is dead, like many Iraqi’s who were murdered during his reign… but my problem is not Saddam himself, Allah yer7amoh anyways, he needs His mercy badly. My problem is the manner in which he was deposed, captured and sent to death. Now it’s like a fairy tale, a new story added to histpry books: The knight in shiningarmor (US) came and overthrown the tyrant, and then sent him to death… It bugs me that we couldn’t get rid of tyranny ourselves, till when will we stay like this? handfolded waiting for soemone to do the job for us so that we can sigh in relief? And, I’m afraid to say, even hail and applaude…
Another thing, the timing. Why exactly today? the first day of Eid? I think this must have some significance… Never underestimate the timing!
Another idea is kind of a nuisance: Do you think Saddam’s death will save Iraq? No. I mean, what next? who’s next? Don’t youthink that Saddam has taken some secrets with him to the grave? so, that’s it?
My brother had a somehow interesting idea: “imagine that this was his look-alike!” LOL, I seriously doubt it, but this could make a good indian movie 😀
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What about Netanyahu?


The world seemed to have come to an end in Jordan at the remarks of Bashar Al-Assad in his speech in which he alludes to Jordan First slogan in a way that many jordanian found offensive… Thanks to our journalism of course who بتصب الزيت عالنار

Anyway, we found that offensive and it caused an outrage, how much more offensive was Netanyahu when he threatened last year to take over Aqaba if missles were launched from there at Israel? Or when he recently supported the declaeration of  the Israeli general Bair Nafeh (or whatever his name is) in which he expected that king Abdullah II will be the last Hashemite king…!! I know that there was an official apology, but not by Netanyahu…
Someone, and not anyone, threatens to occupy a part of our country, how insolent is that? Which situation should receive more publicity and more rage??
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Something Calls On Memory

September 2000

The public sentiment was on the rise after the Palestinian uprising (Intifada), which came as a reaction for Sharon’s provocative visit for the holy shrine of Al-Aqsa mosque.

I was still at high school back then. Students at school were trying hard to get a permit to take the demonstrations out of the school gates, but not everyone was taking it seriously enough.

However, the situation at universities was taking a rather ferocious course. Students were raging and the security forces were having a hard time containing the flood of the outraged youth.

My sister was quite active at that time, Despite my parent’s constant warnings.

All these demonstrations are in vain, you are not helping” My father would say.

Well, that is the case with many parents; they don’t want their sons and daughters to get involved in any trouble. I think it was the fear of having them expelled of college, or of being dragged into a fierce interrogation by the national intelligence.

The funny thing is that those parents themselves, who keep instructing their children about staying on the safe side, were not on the safe side all the time.

My uncle who gave some typical safety instructions for his daughter when she was admitted to university, was himself sneaking into the ditches were the fighters stayed during the civil war in the 1970’s. He was only 10-11 years old at that time.

I never participated in those demonstrations, though the public sentiment was intensified by the Anglo-American aggression on Iraq. However, I once found myself willingly trapped in one.

I was leaving university when I saw crowds of people heading towards the main gate. Suddenly, someone started to shout: “The security, go back!”

The demonstrators started to run in the opposite direction, and as I turned to go back with them I saw a young man foisted into the crowd, lying half low and holding his mobile phone as if it was a microphone, and saying: “They are at the main gate.”

A secret agent!” I thought immediately.

The students then headed back toward the main gate, which was locked by the security. One of the demonstrators climbed up the gate and broke the chain that was tying the gate closed.

The voice of the crowd grew louder and louder, as I left the university thinking of what might happen next.

Based on what my cousins told me about the previous demonstrations, we should’ve expected everything.

At the first demonstrations following the Intifada, a girl fell and down and broke her spine. She was announced dead soon after. Let alone the tear gas that was used sometimes to shatter the crowds. Once, the demonstrators took refuge in the basement of the presidency building, the place was suffocating with people that one girl passed out and caused panic among the already panicked students.

However, demonstrations were not the only from of protest. People would express their solidarity through the revived trend of Hatta ( a traditional headscarf worn by men).

The black and white Hatta turned into a symbol of resistance. People, especially young men and women, wore it around their necks, tied it on their car seats and clang it to their bags.

Sadly, the Hatta turned from a symbol of solidarity to a symbol of racism, when the black Hatta vs. red Hatta thing started to spread around.

My father refused to get my enthusiastic sister a Hatta. He was, as many parents were, afraid of the consequences. Consequently, she sought the help of my grandfather.

My grandfather probably wasn’t aware of the use of the Hatta at that time. But, as usual, he wanted to help. He brought his black and white Hatta and gave it to her. He was proud of his Hatta’s. He had a black-and white Hatta, and a red-and-black one, and he wore them alternatively. Apparently, there made no difference for him.

Till when are you going to wear this Hatta?” My father asked her one day as she came home, pale and fatigued.

Till they lift the tyranny off the poor people.”

The tyranny wasn’t lifted, but the Hatta still hangs in our guest room.

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