You Know You’re Getting Old When…

Today on my way home I stopped by the video store to get some DVD’s for my niece. So there I was looking for Dora the Explorer, which is a boring-zoring-snoring show and I don’t know what on earth do kids they days think watching this stuff! Well, I know she’s 2 years old but still, this is crap!

Anyway, while looking for Dora Shmora I hit the jackpot. Think of any cartoon you loved in the 80’s and 90’s and it was probably there among the vast collection of DVD’s, or should I say distant childhood memories, staring me in the face! So there I was trying to pick which ones to take, for myself. And the price is good too, each collection is only 3 JD’s.

So I went home all excited and I was telling my 14 year-old brother that I found a great collection of old cartoons in that store. So he said;

“Really? Do they have Pokemon”

It was a slap in the face. “I don’t know” I replied. “I was talking about the old cartoons”

“Well, pokemon is old!”

“Old for you, for us it’s new” I fired back, almost firmly.

But let’s face it. Pokemon is old. Actually it was on 10 years ago, it’s sooooo yesterday! In my dictionary though, old is more like 17 or 18 years ago. So yes, I think we are getting old, but whatever? It’s either get old or die, there’s no other alternative. So much for Alchemy.

Anyway, I bought the Smurfs and كان يا ما كان في جسم الإنسان collections. I’m still tempted to go back to the store and bring more cartoons. Maybe Alice in Wonderland and Tom Sawyer! It’s hard to resist, especially that the store is a little over a stone throw from my house.