Gaza Monologues


Captivating, touching, funny at times, heart wrenching at others but mostly and most importantly: eye-opeing.


That’s how I would describe Gaza Monologues, a theatre performance by a group of young and talented boys and girls. The monologues were written by boys and girls in Gaza about their experience with war and how it affected their lives and their personalities.


They talked about all kinds of things, even things you wouldn’t even think of. One boy talked about how he thought he was the reason behind the war in Gaza because one day prior to the war he saw in his sleep that his house was bombed, and his dreams always come true. Another boy talked about his brother that was killed by the Israeli Offence forces, and a girl also talked about her best friend being killed when a missile hit nearby.


They all talked about their memories when the first missile hit Gaza. One girl talked about how they tried so hard to convince her father to move out of the house into her sister’s place, but ended up discovering that during war no place in Gaza is safe. She even went on to say one of the best lines in the play:


“How ironic are Gaza’s dreams! We dream of a good death, instead of dreaming of a good life”


يا سلام على غزة وأحلام غزة، صرنا نحلم نموت موتة حلوة بدل ما نحلم نعيش عيشة حلوة

All in all, I think this was a great idea because it points out a very important fact: The people of Gaza, after all, are human beings. They are not super heroes who can endure what we can’t; they just have to endure it while wishing for things to get better so that they may live a normal life in a peaceful society.

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